Hoorah! First Among Sequels is launched today!! : D

I am so excited!! The book is out in bookshops across the country today and everyone will get to read the book  : D

I went to a bookshop to go see it on the shelves, it is so good to see it there after everyone’s hard work! I took a look inside and there are pictures in the back that I hadn’t seen before (I had only seen the unbound manuscript version and dummy copies until today). The pictures are very funny, I like the one about Wales the most! I really want to go to Wales one day. It is so exciting to see the story all written out on the pages. I just hope it stays like that : (

Oh and the BEST and most amazingly lovely thing of all is that Jasper has written my name in the back of the book! Maybe that is what he meant by a good reference!

June x


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  1. My dear friend D. gave me a copy of this today, I suspect to make up for the fact she’d hung on to my hardback about Matisse for over a year. [The hardback has a section of @30pps which are doubleprinted & therefore impossible to read: but Waterstones have good customer care, & are ordering me another (perfect?) copy. Bit of a bggr, since book now out in paperback….!]
    Am anticipating the moment of opening Sequels, and beginning the story…..This is a moment which, as all true book-lovers know, cannot be postponed for too long. So Thursday should see it (oh dear, was that a pun?)…
    PS. Depends which part of Wales. All of it damp, and much of it contains only sheep. Take waterproofs. And strong drink.

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