7th July 2007

I have been talking to Amy a lot now about the strange things that are going on. We think that we need help and the best people to ask for help from are the people who have been reading our blogs. Amy has written all the strange things that have happened to her on her own blog http://amygreenford.blogspot.com and I have written all the strange things that have happened to me here on my blog (this is my blog here).

In the shell of a nut, someone has been lying to me and pretending to be Jasper Fforde when he is not Jasper Fforde. I think his real name is Jasper Ffforde (spelled with three ‘F’s). He seems to have ‘jumped’ out of a book with Miss Havisham into our world and then ran away from her. He told her they would get married and so she is very upset that he lied to her (he does a lot of lying!) What is strange is that when he ran away she couldn’t remember him properly. (I asked Amy if this was because she is old, but Amy said not to say that too loud in certain company, and that it was different to just forgetting, more like every time Miss Haversham tried to remember, the thoughts hid from her).

The imposter Jasper put the wrong answer for question 11, and asked for these scribbling tiebreakers. It seems as if he is using these and material from classic books he’s sucked blank to make a book, which he is launching on 7th July. I feel so bad because I sent him all the scribbler tie-breakers because I thought he was the real Jasper – We need to stop him!

Everything is building up to this date, the 7th of July. The ‘secret’ event in Swindon. The fake Jasper is sending an invitation to this event to everyone who sends in a scribbler tie-breaker. I can’t enter because I work for Hodder but Amy has entered and is going to go to try to stop whatever bad thing he is planning to do with the story he has stolen. I’m going to go along too to see if I can help, even though I can’t enter! We need your help, please send in a scribbler and come to the secret event to help us. If you can’t go yourself because you are far away, please can you send someone in your place to the book launch of the narcassistic Jasper Ffforde? Miss Haversham said to Amy, “If we have our words in the enemy’s book, it may help us defeat him…”

The classic books he has blanked so far are an end of line edition called Dupine. There are only certain places that stock them. We need to find them all and see if there are any clues from what is left inside them.

And we must find out who this Ffforde is really, if he is pretending to be Jasper Fforde, and Compeyson then it is most likely that he is only pretending to be Jasper FFforde as well!

If you have any ideas about of this please email them to me. Ill post them here.

Please help with all these things. Literature depends on us.

I checked with Julie and the prizes for the competition are already made and paid for, so the competition is real even if Jasper is not! Everyone who enters the competition has a chance to win so even if you are just entering to help stop the imposter Ffforde, you still could win a prize! : )

p.p.s. I’ve thought about it and decided not to tell Julie about any of this. : (


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  1. June,
    I’m a bit concerned. I received an email today from someone called Niebla, inviting me to the event in Swindon. I thought it was Jasper but now I’m not so sure. That person used very similar language to the 3-F Ffforde.

    I haven’t received a separate invitation, despite sending in a scribbler and asking for an invitation to Swindon. I’m a bit worried that I won’t get to find out where the secret event is being held. If you find out, can you please let me know? It sounds like things are very serious now – parts of the real Jasper Fforde’s new book are missing footnoterphone entries and I suspect we know who’s behind it. Can you email me all the information I need for the secret Swindon event, so that we can catch this dastardly fiend? You have my email address – I’m the one who wants to know who hires proofreaders at Hodders.
    Over and out.

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