An email from a friend

Hallo June!

I’m not suprised you are busy, what with the new job, and saving the world
and all that.

I rather think the Fforumites from Jasper’s ffansite have accidentally been
helping Ffforde  (Gosh that’s a weird name to type) to write this ffake
fforde ffolio. Still, that might make it easier to catch him. Or her. Or it.

Have you been able to get in touch with the REAL Jasper Fforde (assuming
there is one)? He might have an idea on who’s behind all this.

I have a couple of friends in the UK who might be able to help… I’ll email
them to get in touch with Amy. I also had a message from Niebla on the
ffansite asking me about the swindon event.

Make of it what you will.

“To my dearestest Ffforum friends. I hope much you are all well. Thank you
yes for the helps you have given me over weeksgone. I am now me close to the
perfectmost ending and it will make the eye drop drips.

As a reward for all your worknesses, I do so me hope that you will come to
Swindon on July 7th to hear words which will make bright your day like a
light in the sky.

You will never forget what youseehear there and it will bob in your mindsea
like wine corks. Have you tried wine? I found it lovelymost strange and it
went on until it gonewas.

I verymostyesmuch hope to see you in Swindon

Yours Goodbye


Quite a lovely turn of phrase really…

Pip pip for now!

Oh, and based on the writers chosen name, I’d suggest looking in the Dupine
series for anything by Miguel de Unamuno. Just a hunch. Although, er, it may
be missing.


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