Horrible phone call

The man who told me he was Jasper Fforde phoned my phone at work. He must have taken my phone number off the bottom of my emails and he was horrible to me!

At first he wasn’t horrible and he asked me if I had forgotten how to email him, because I hadn’t sent him the list of places where there are Dupine books. I told him that I had forgotten where the books are and so hadn’t sent him the email yet. He got angry sounding and said I should try to remember because he was very important and finding the books was very important.

I felt a bit scared, so I told him that I could only remember that there were books in Foyles on Charing Cross Road and in Neath Library. He became very angry sounding then and shouted at me! He shouted that he had already done the books in Foyles and that he didn’t think Neath was a real place, he shouted that I was a stupid lying C grade who didn’t deserve a last name and that if I didn’t send him every name he would get much most angry, and do something I wouldn’t like him to do.

I was so shocked I couldn’t speak any more and he hung up the phone without saying goodbye. I was so scared of what horrible thing he might do that I sent him everything I had been keeping from him, the list of bookshops, the most recent scribblers and the finished invitation.

I told Julie that I was feeling unwell again and I needed to go home. Then I came home, I am very upset I don’t think what I did was the right thing at all.


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