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7th July 2007
Thursday 5 July, 2007

I have been talking to Amy a lot now about the strange things that are going on. We think that we need help and the best people to ask for help from are the people who have been reading our blogs. Amy has written all the strange things that have happened to her on her own blog and I have written all the strange things that have happened to me here on my blog (this is my blog here).

In the shell of a nut, someone has been lying to me and pretending to be Jasper Fforde when he is not Jasper Fforde. I think his real name is Jasper Ffforde (spelled with three ‘F’s). He seems to have ‘jumped’ out of a book with Miss Havisham into our world and then ran away from her. He told her they would get married and so she is very upset that he lied to her (he does a lot of lying!) What is strange is that when he ran away she couldn’t remember him properly. (I asked Amy if this was because she is old, but Amy said not to say that too loud in certain company, and that it was different to just forgetting, more like every time Miss Haversham tried to remember, the thoughts hid from her).

The imposter Jasper put the wrong answer for question 11, and asked for these scribbling tiebreakers. It seems as if he is using these and material from classic books he’s sucked blank to make a book, which he is launching on 7th July. I feel so bad because I sent him all the scribbler tie-breakers because I thought he was the real Jasper – We need to stop him!

Everything is building up to this date, the 7th of July. The ‘secret’ event in Swindon. The fake Jasper is sending an invitation to this event to everyone who sends in a scribbler tie-breaker. I can’t enter because I work for Hodder but Amy has entered and is going to go to try to stop whatever bad thing he is planning to do with the story he has stolen. I’m going to go along too to see if I can help, even though I can’t enter! We need your help, please send in a scribbler and come to the secret event to help us. If you can’t go yourself because you are far away, please can you send someone in your place to the book launch of the narcassistic Jasper Ffforde? Miss Haversham said to Amy, “If we have our words in the enemy’s book, it may help us defeat him…”

The classic books he has blanked so far are an end of line edition called Dupine. There are only certain places that stock them. We need to find them all and see if there are any clues from what is left inside them.

And we must find out who this Ffforde is really, if he is pretending to be Jasper Fforde, and Compeyson then it is most likely that he is only pretending to be Jasper FFforde as well!

If you have any ideas about of this please email them to me. Ill post them here.

Please help with all these things. Literature depends on us.

I checked with Julie and the prizes for the competition are already made and paid for, so the competition is real even if Jasper is not! Everyone who enters the competition has a chance to win so even if you are just entering to help stop the imposter Ffforde, you still could win a prize! : )

p.p.s. I’ve thought about it and decided not to tell Julie about any of this. : (


Hoorah! First Among Sequels is launched today!! : D
Thursday 5 July, 2007

I am so excited!! The book is out in bookshops across the country today and everyone will get to read the book  : D

I went to a bookshop to go see it on the shelves, it is so good to see it there after everyone’s hard work! I took a look inside and there are pictures in the back that I hadn’t seen before (I had only seen the unbound manuscript version and dummy copies until today). The pictures are very funny, I like the one about Wales the most! I really want to go to Wales one day. It is so exciting to see the story all written out on the pages. I just hope it stays like that : (

Oh and the BEST and most amazingly lovely thing of all is that Jasper has written my name in the back of the book! Maybe that is what he meant by a good reference!

June x

An email from a friend
Wednesday 4 July, 2007

Hallo June!

I’m not suprised you are busy, what with the new job, and saving the world
and all that.

I rather think the Fforumites from Jasper’s ffansite have accidentally been
helping Ffforde ¬†(Gosh that’s a weird name to type) to write this ffake
fforde ffolio. Still, that might make it easier to catch him. Or her. Or it.

Have you been able to get in touch with the REAL Jasper Fforde (assuming
there is one)? He might have an idea on who’s behind all this.

I have a couple of friends in the UK who might be able to help… I’ll email
them to get in touch with Amy. I also had a message from Niebla on the
ffansite asking me about the swindon event.

Make of it what you will.

“To my dearestest Ffforum friends. I hope much you are all well. Thank you
yes for the helps you have given me over weeksgone. I am now me close to the
perfectmost ending and it will make the eye drop drips.

As a reward for all your worknesses, I do so me hope that you will come to
Swindon on July 7th to hear words which will make bright your day like a
light in the sky.

You will never forget what youseehear there and it will bob in your mindsea
like wine corks. Have you tried wine? I found it lovelymost strange and it
went on until it gonewas.

I verymostyesmuch hope to see you in Swindon

Yours Goodbye


Quite a lovely turn of phrase really…

Pip pip for now!

Oh, and based on the writers chosen name, I’d suggest looking in the Dupine
series for anything by Miguel de Unamuno. Just a hunch. Although, er, it may
be missing.

email from the REAL Jasper Fforde!!
Tuesday 3 July, 2007

I got an email from the real Jasper Fforde today! It came from his normal email address and when I asked Julie she said she had noticed me getting upset about something and had read my blog too (I’d forgotten I’d told her about it ages ago). She said she’d told Jasper about it because this fake Ffforde bloke seemed to be getting a bit out of hand and she thought he should know about it.

Julie also said that she had thought that the Junior Designate Programme was a bit suspect for a long while now, and that now she knows its a bad thing. She said it would be a crime if another Junior failed their assessment, but there is nothing she can do to help me. I don’t really understand what she meant by any of that but it has made my very uneasy.

Dear june,

Julie has informed me about what has been going on with this impostor with an extra F. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you for a second for being taken in and nor will Hodder. You can’t help your nature.

Now I think I know who he is but curiously I can’t remember his name. There’s a mist where that should be in my memory. But Mari had a root through old paperwork and discovered a letter which is ringing a bell, albeit muffled. I’ve attached a scan of it.

If this is true, then I am pretty sure I would have put him some place and trained a BookCam there. Wherever the place is, there’ll be a page for it on my website. If the place were ‘wonderland’, it would be The place wasn’t wonderland, alas, I checked.

I’m pretty sure I wrote the name of the place down recently, I’d bet somewhere in the new book. But I checked through the proof and couldn’t find it. Where could it be?

This amnesia is curious. It’s like I’m chasing the thoughts round and round my mind but they keep scurrying away. I hope that doesn’t mean what or who I think it means. If he escaped from whichever place then the lock-word would be there in pieces. But how will I ever remember the key-word?

In any case, june, none of this is your fault and thank you for all your help with the competition. I have written a good reference for your designate assessment and reassignment and I think (again strangely I can’t remember for sure) I thanked you too. Somewhere.

Good luck! If you are going to be in Swindon next Saturday as Julie said you might be to deal with this fellow…beyond the call… do come and say hello at the official signing from 2pm. And of course I’ll help in any way I can.

Best wishes

(the real) Jasper Fforde


Miss Havisham
Monday 2 July, 2007

Amy emailed me and she said she was very excited. She said that thanks to my blog she now thinks she knows where the Miss Havisham she has met came from. I don’t understand, but she was very pleased about it. I told Amy what happened earlier and she said it wasn’t my fault.

Horrible phone call
Monday 2 July, 2007

The man who told me he was Jasper Fforde phoned my phone at work. He must have taken my phone number off the bottom of my emails and he was horrible to me!

At first he wasn’t horrible and he asked me if I had forgotten how to email him, because I hadn’t sent him the list of places where there are Dupine books. I told him that I had forgotten where the books are and so hadn’t sent him the email yet. He got angry sounding and said I should try to remember because he was very important and finding the books was very important.

I felt a bit scared, so I told him that I could only remember that there were books in Foyles on Charing Cross Road and in Neath Library. He became very angry sounding then and shouted at me! He shouted that he had already done the books in Foyles and that he didn’t think Neath was a real place, he shouted that I was a stupid lying C grade who didn’t deserve a last name and that if I didn’t send him every name he would get much most angry, and do something I wouldn’t like him to do.

I was so shocked I couldn’t speak any more and he hung up the phone without saying goodbye. I was so scared of what horrible thing he might do that I sent him everything I had been keeping from him, the list of bookshops, the most recent scribblers and the finished invitation.

I told Julie that I was feeling unwell again and I needed to go home. Then I came home, I am very upset I don’t think what I did was the right thing at all.

peter has gone
Monday 2 July, 2007

I felt so odd this weekend that I didn’t even start my assignment. I’m still feeling unwell now, like I’m all fuzzy. I can’t explain it, maybe I’m just worried about my assessment day coming, Julie says that it is common to feel a bit run down and have butterflies. I’m not sure I really understand what that means.

I went looking for peter yesterday, I found his room but he wasn’t there. I went to see if he was with wendy, but she was alone in her room. wendy was very sad. She said that their mentor had told her that morning that peter had had his assessment and now he was gone. peter must have failed his assessment. He didn’t get to say goodbye.

I feel bad that I was angry with him for not answering my emails and now he is gone.