surviving the office advice

Take a look around the office, I can guarantee you’ll see a
room full of people who are just trying to get through the day without
someone else realising they don’t know what they are doing.

You’ll be fine.

As far as working in an office goes, I work in an office for a publishing
house as well (albeit a small, insignificant one). The Editor of the
magazine I work on is UNBELIEVABLE. Recently he’s decided to answer a
spiritual calling and train to be a vicar part-time. To be honest, I worry
for his future parishioners. If his 15 minute ‘time management’ meetings
regularly last up to an hour and half, imagine how long the sermons will be!

All I can say is, in any office, the best thing to do is keep your head
down, do your job, and hope for the best.

Good luck!

PS- I suppose you could try flirting with the authors to win them over to
your side (I’ve seen Jasper in person before, he looks quite hunky)…

As for the other thing, I actually haven’t worked in an office (I’m in retail post-English degree, and now trying to get something in a library or something else involving books) but as I understand it, the principle is the same as anywhere else – try not to screw up too badly, if you do then admit to it and fix it, and always always always try to remember how people take their tea and coffee.

Um…that wasn’t terribly helpful, was it? Sorry.

Any new workplace is overwhelming, I’m sure it’ll grow on you. I’m working in an office at the moment, and the only advice I can really give is that the impression of efficiency is often more powerful than any actual abilities one has to provide for the job. Make like you’ve learned things from this episode, and come up with a plausible answer when people ask what they are, and the least you’ll have is a killer answer when people ask you in interviews “Give us an example of a time when things didn’t go according to plan”…

On the error in the final question, I did notice it, but assumed that it was caused by a group of radical UltraWord terroristsm, who have so far evaded capture by the forces of truth. I would suggest that you ensure that everyone in your office realises this and that you are working on a brilliant plan to foil them. Blaming Outlandish authors can only harm your cause so make sure that your boss knows that you are responsible for uncovering the foul rumour that JF might himself have been responsible – if there is any justice, you should receive the huge rise you no doubt deserve and will be given a free holiday on the character exchange programme in Tara, including the essential costume and attitude/accent classes.


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