Dupine books

Jasper sent me this email this morning, I don’t know what to do. If he really is Jasper then I should help him, if he isn’t really Jasper, like you say, then perhaps he is lying about why he wants the books too.

: S

I found out where stocks Dupine books, Dupine closed down over 10 years ago and its assets were acquired by Hodder, so I just called up the distributor to find out where they are. The books are all out of print so there aren’t many left. Foyles on Charing Cross in London had the most left, otherwise they’re all spread out around the country – all over, from scotland to cornwall. Should I tell him where they are? Maybe just the ones local to him or if he is going to do something bad, perhaps the ones furthest away? Oh I’m very confused now!   :  (

On 6/26/07, Jasper <jasperffforde@googlemail.com> wrote:

Dearest June, are you wellness?

You are a lovely but funny one, sometimes you help to me very quickly and others nevernot at all. As I wrote through before, I had a little fire at my little place and all my books were burned. This made me sadmuch as I know well you know.

As well as my books, MY Thursday ones, I also lost the great and good classics from my Dupine collection, which I was fondmuch of as Grandma gave them when I was a nipperkid. As you are the person who knows more about where books than any other, I was bewondering if you might be able to tell me where I can still buy Dupine books from. I know they are old but I hopemuchmost that somewhere still will sell them to me.

Do please let me know what places you think of.

Yours Goodbye



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