A lot of people have agreed with me that Jasper is writing in a strange way. The words he is using are put together so differently from how he writes in his books. I have posted up the most recent piece of writing by Jasper I have, it is the final draft copy of the first chapter of First Among Sequels. I think it is OK to share this with you as it didn’t end up in the finished book! (There is a whole major character that was written out at the last moment and so everything in the draft had to be changed).


I have read both this draft and the emails he has sent me and they are at odds and evens with each other. He must spend an awful lot more time writing his books than he does his emails, but then that makes sense as they also take longer, and are more exciting, to read!


Hi June,
I don’t know about strange, they’re a bit funnily worded, but thats just Jasper’s way. Erm… I guess he just wants you to send through all of the competition entries as soon as you get them, so he can have more ideas for Landen’s brother’s name?

Yes, it reads very oddly.

you have been so kindly through sending to me – Surely it should be ‘so kindly sending through to me’ ? Though the ‘through’ is redundant anyway… Maybe he’s going for some sort of Joycean syntax?

and I do so feel bad for being so constant – Constant as in faithful? Continuous? Or just persistent?

Reading about how very far my fans imaginations are – No apostrophe. Dodgy verb use. This guy is a writer…. right?

inspires me as I write my beautiful story – This sounds like a line from one of those automatically generated spam emails from Eastern Europe.

urgentsome – I think that’s one neologism we can probably muddle along without.

Yours goodbye – ???

Suffice to say, he sounds drunk.

I think that the point was by a translation aid and then back again at least that is, which it looks as to me.


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