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I thought it best to check that what Jasper is saying right, I don’t want another mistake to happen like with the website question!
On 25/06/07, Jasper Ffforde <> wrote:

My dear June, you are very good at my job but I am not foolminded!

Please DO NOT remoteish change the time or the location place of the invitation. Perhappenstance I should have made it clearer to you that as this is a different and more lovelied event at a special and secret location which nobody can knowledge of yet. All I can say to you and all you can slide into your nicermosted invite is that it is in Swindon at 1pm in a secret place. I will let know the place when it is at the right time to be told.

I hope this is clear, just use the words I through sent and change not a dot or a W.

Yours Goodbye


On 6/24/07, June Haversham <> wrote:

Hello Jasper,

The draft you sent me for the invititation has the time as 1pm and the location as secret location. I am making the invite nicermost now, would you want me to write the time as 2pm and the location as Waterstones instead?


june haversham
Junior Designate, Publicity & Marketing
Hodder & Stoughton
(t)  0207 873 6302


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  1. Oh, dear. It appears that our beloved Jasper is very confused. That, or suffering from a serious case of Amishness. I suggest removing any sharp objects and only allowing him crayons to write with. The poor man. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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