This weekend my assignment was to create something for work using the desktop publishing programme. I decided to draw up the invitation for the people who are coming to the Swindon event. I am having to teach myself how to use the desktop publishing programme myself from the tutorial files that come with it under the ‘Help’ button.

He has written down the time as 1pm instead of 2pm, which is strange because I heard Janet talking on the phone to him eariler in the week and she told him then that the booksigning is at 2pm. I thought about it and I think he probably just doesn’t want people to be late and so wrote the time earlier. That is very thoughtful of him, I was late to meet peter after work on Friday and I was very unhappy when I went to find him and he wasn’t there.


On 22/06/07, Jasper Ffforde <> wrote:

Hello June

It is time to be outposting invitations to the big launch of my book in Swindon to those who have been scribbling me wonders. I have drawn it with a biro pen and made it look quite nicesome. I am wondering if you could make it nicermost and then post to all so they hear me read the Next book on the Seventh of Swindon. It will be the best and only Next! Make sure the words are spelled out exactly the same way as I have written, as it will be important for the future, which I will tell you about one day that is not right now.




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