Strange occurrence

I received this email a while ago, but now that I come to look at all the messages Jasper sent me this message stripes me as odd. Why didn’t he want the books sent to his house where we send all of his other post? He must have carried all those books back home again after we sent them!

On 04/06/07, Jasper Ffforde < > wrote:

Oh June.

I got home this evening to discover that there had been a fire in my house and my bookcase burned down. This was rather strange but the worst thing was that My books have been burned. Many famous ones by Dickens and Austen and Conan Doyle have gone. It is just like the Great Fire Of London. But also, and this is the most bad, I have lost my own books! The Thursday Next novels. My Thursday Next novels.

As I am writing my book at the moment and it is going very well with lots of pages, it would help you very much if you could send me some copies of all of my books with Thursday Next in would be very much so good!

If you could send them special class post through to


31-33, High Holborn, LONDON, WC1V 6AX

It is close to the Cittie of Yorke pub, which is a nice place.

I would be very much most grateful.

Yours goodbye



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