Today I found the camera!!

I had a very unpleasant weekend, not only did I have another assignment to write about but I was feeling unwell. I hoped that today being at work would make me feel better, and it did a bit, but I still feel not right.

I discovered today that we have an office camera! Julie said that it doesn’t get use much so I could take it to play around with. I took a photo of the office and all the boxes of First amongst Sequels that arrived today for us to send out to people to promote the book launch.



After work, I took it home to the Junior’s Accommodation and took a photo of wendy from the hallway.



2 Responses

  1. … I’m not sure whether I should be comforted by the familiarity, or filled with dread: to my uncomplicated mind, any place literally (or, given the site in question, literarily) half a world away should be in some way exotic… um, exciting – different… this particular office environ seems more than a little similar to those I’ve worked in, or visited, in Melbourne, Sydney &/or Brisbane… having said that, for you, June, it may well mean that you can indeed ‘flit’ your way to the other end of the Earth and feel quite at home (except that some of us speak a little oddly – but then you’ve got Somerset, Hull, and all of Wales – and we have a touch more sunlight… and wallabies… and socceroos… and other amusingly named international sporting teams)

    … um, the ‘Juniors’ Accommodation’ isn’t in the bowels of the Hodder & Stoughton offices are they? (I s’pose that’d save money… absorb some of the rising damp…)


    … oh, and ‘hello’ Wendy!

  2. Hi June!
    So, where’s the self-portrait? Time to turn the camera on yourself. Prying eyes need to know – what does a June Haversham look like?

    PS: Has that Fforde fellow apologised profusely and plied you with champagne yet? For shame, if he has not!

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