I brought some biscuits into the office today to share with everybody. I brought in lots of different kinds so that there were biscuits that everyone in the office would like. My favourites were the ones with brazil nuts in that are covered in chocolate! Although I really liked the Jaffa Cakes as well, in fact I think I will eat one right now!

Jasper sent me another email today. He said he was wondering if perhaps the scribbler tie-breakers had gotten lost when we had posted them to him new address.

I emailed him back saying that we hadn’t posted anything to him because the tie-breakers wouldn’t get judged until the competition closes at the end of the month and because he isn’t one of the judges anyway.

The photocopier ran out of paper in the afternoon, it had a flashing light on it saying to open one of the doors on the side. I’m don’t want to go near the insides of anything machinery after what happened with the printer. I just left it for someone else to do and copied out everything I needed to copy in pen.


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