I have given it some thought and I have decided that I would like to see a wedding. I told Julie that I have never been to a wedding and she said to give it a few months and there would bound to be loads to choose from. I hope she is right!


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  1. Weddings… mmm…
    … generally, quite lovely, and, for the most part, lovely brides… while I freely admit to this generality, I own, as one who has witnessed over 400 weddings, that I’ve yet to see an ugly bride… all lovely, in their own way (and not, I hasten to add, said as a cop-out or out of ‘pc’ fluffiness)…
    … no, weddings, generally, are lovely… and much akin to Romans going to the Colosseum – as long as you’re not part of the nuptuals-or-bust party (generally on the girls’ side), its a terrific bit of fun… one look at the amount of pale mauve tulle on the three-four-five-nine bridesmaids brings a wonderful sense of schadenfreude to the festivities…
    … 400+ weddings… no receptions though…

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