hold your horses!

Jasper emailed me again today

  to June Haversham <june.haversham@hodder.co.uk>  
  date   26-May-2007 09:31  
  subject   Hello June  

Hello there June.

I have been browsing my lovely website and I see that there is a competition tied in with the launching of my new and excellent book! I bet that was your idea – you are a bright flash.

One little question though, would it be possible for you to halt the competition for a little while while (two whiles!) I check that all of the answers are correct and right.

Is this OK with you?

Yours goodbye


The website is supposed to be made to work tomorrow! I’m going to have to write to tell people that it is going to be late. This is very disappointing, I was very excited about it starting and I’m sure all the people that want to play are too. I hope they won’t be too annoyed that they have to wait a bit longer!
I’m sure they will be quite understanding if I write them all an email saying why it is going to be late.


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