Today I finally went to get my shirt! I was feeling a bit nervous still about going down the staircase, but this time when I opened my door to leave I met the sandwich delivery man in the corridor. He smiled at me and asked if I was going out. I explained to him that I wanted to go and buy a shirt from Primark, and he offered to give me a lift as he had just finished giving out the sandwiches to everyone. He said I had chosen a beautiful day to go shopping on. I felt a bit silly about being scared of the stairs once I walked down them not on my own. They’re just stairs! We went down six flights of stairs to the garage underneath the Juniors’ accommodation, but this time I got to ride in the sandwich delivery van instead of the minibus! It wasn’t far at all to Primark, and it really was a beautiful day outside. When we arrived I got out of the van and thanked him for driving me there. It was strange to be out of my room and not at work, I need to get out more often.

I bought a red top a bit like one of Julie’s tops only with different sleeves. I walked back to the accommodation block, which was really nice because the sun was shining lots and lots. The man on the desk at the lobby was very surprised to see me when I can back in! I guess it was because he didn’t see me going out.


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