Today I felt so silly, I completely forgot that there is a country called Canada, and it is such a big country too! Luckily I emailed Julie about it first or I would have looked really silly.

Hello Julie,

There are people who want to enter the competition but they live in Canada. I looked in my A-Z but only found Canada Water. Is this the same place?
Can people enter the quiz if they live in places that aren’t London? Is that a lot of places? If it is then we should seriously consider.



Hi June,

You silly thing. There is life outside the jubilee line you know! I think that Canadians and other subjects of our Majesty the Queen should be allowed in… Who knwos, they might even fly to Swindon for the special launch event. Imagine the publicity!


Julie x


Hello Julie,

I’ll think about what you said about the jubilee line, I’ve not been many places outside of London. Maybe I should go to Canada, is it easy to fly somewhere? Have you ever flown somewhere? How many different places have the same Majesty the Queen as we do here? It’s good that they can all play. Can people in places that have a different Majesty the Queen play too?

june x


Hi June,

Maybe now’s the time to expand your horizons. I’ve heard that Swindon is very charming this time of year…

In answer to your query, it can be difficult to fly places. What with baggage handler strikes and eco-guilt you’re probably best off staying put.

I think that we can afford to be generous: even people from places which don’t share our Majesty the Queen (Canada, Australia, the Falklands… to name just a few places) can probably play too. What are you working on at the minute? And what’s the take-up for the competition like?


Julie x


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