Fan fiction

Today we got another strange manuscript in the post, although it wasn’t horrible like the one that surprised me the other day. This one arrived in the usual way but what was unusual was that it said Jasper Fforde on it! I thought it was strange that Jasper would be sending a new manuscript in through the post because we usually send a courier to pick up his re-draftings.

When I opened it I was even more surprised, because inside the envelope was just six pieces of crumpled paper with scribbled writing on them – not even typed!

I showed them to Julie and she wasn’t as surprised as I was, in fact she laughed and said it was very funny!  She said that this manuscript wasn’t really from Jasper, it was either someone playing a silly joke or someone trying to pull a fast one by pretending to be Jasper. She said if it was that, then this was a pretty tragic piece of fan fiction and that they were really sad.

She told me to scan it and email it to her so that she could give her friends a laugh.

I read the story and I don’t think it is very funny, there are jokes in it but they didn’t make me laugh at all. Julie can be a strange fish sometimes.


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