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Thursday 31 May, 2007

The competition opened today! I was so excited! I couldn’t stop smiling all day! I suppose it is better that the competition started today because today is Thursday – just like Thursday Next! The website looks very pretty with lots of pictures of books on it. One day when I live in my own house, I am going to have a library room with lots of old books on shelves all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Maybe by that time there will be enough Jasper Fforde books to fill a whole wall!


Thursday 31 May, 2007

I have given it some thought and I have decided that I would like to see a wedding. I told Julie that I have never been to a wedding and she said to give it a few months and there would bound to be loads to choose from. I hope she is right!

‘greyhound in the slips’,
Wednesday 30 May, 2007

A person wrote to me today and used the expression ‘like a greyhound in the slips’, I didn’t know what this meant, but I liked the way the words were put together so I looked it up on the computer. I found this  meaning first

4. To let loose in pursuit of game, as a greyhound.

        [1913 Webster]

This didn’t really explain it, so I looked up ‘greyhound’. A greyhound is a type of dog that run in races for people to watch and guess which one will win.


In ASFA trials, hounds receive a numerical score based on speed (25), agility (25), endurance (20), enthusiasm (15), and follow (15) for a maximum score of 100 points. “Follow” means in pursuit of the lure, not the other dogs. Judges will deduct a pre-slip penalty of up to 10 points for the early release of a hound in a course. Judges can also assess up to 10 points penalty for a course delay. Judges can excuse a hound from competition for failing to run, being unfit, coursing another hound instead of the lure, hound or handler interference or excessive course delay. Hounds may be dismissed for interfering with another hound. Hounds may be disqualified for being the aggressor in a fight on the field.

Being ‘like a greyhound in the slips’ means that it is as if you are ready to start running in a race! I like this expression! I like the idea that people want to race to win the competition!

hold your horses!
Monday 28 May, 2007

Jasper emailed me again today

  to June Haversham <>  
  date   26-May-2007 09:31  
  subject   Hello June  

Hello there June.

I have been browsing my lovely website and I see that there is a competition tied in with the launching of my new and excellent book! I bet that was your idea – you are a bright flash.

One little question though, would it be possible for you to halt the competition for a little while while (two whiles!) I check that all of the answers are correct and right.

Is this OK with you?

Yours goodbye


The website is supposed to be made to work tomorrow! I’m going to have to write to tell people that it is going to be late. This is very disappointing, I was very excited about it starting and I’m sure all the people that want to play are too. I hope they won’t be too annoyed that they have to wait a bit longer!
I’m sure they will be quite understanding if I write them all an email saying why it is going to be late.

new question
Monday 28 May, 2007

Jasper has added a question onto the end of the first round for each of the quizzes and added some new guidelines to the tie breaker. I hope he doesn’t add any more questions or we’ll never get it started!

peter emailed me today, he asked me if i wanted to meet up for lunch, but i was too busy and didn’t check my email until after lunch time was over. I’ll email him back tomorrow to see if he can meet me then instead, I hope he can.

Saturday 26 May, 2007

Today I finally went to get my shirt! I was feeling a bit nervous still about going down the staircase, but this time when I opened my door to leave I met the sandwich delivery man in the corridor. He smiled at me and asked if I was going out. I explained to him that I wanted to go and buy a shirt from Primark, and he offered to give me a lift as he had just finished giving out the sandwiches to everyone. He said I had chosen a beautiful day to go shopping on. I felt a bit silly about being scared of the stairs once I walked down them not on my own. They’re just stairs! We went down six flights of stairs to the garage underneath the Juniors’ accommodation, but this time I got to ride in the sandwich delivery van instead of the minibus! It wasn’t far at all to Primark, and it really was a beautiful day outside. When we arrived I got out of the van and thanked him for driving me there. It was strange to be out of my room and not at work, I need to get out more often.

I bought a red top a bit like one of Julie’s tops only with different sleeves. I walked back to the accommodation block, which was really nice because the sun was shining lots and lots. The man on the desk at the lobby was very surprised to see me when I can back in! I guess it was because he didn’t see me going out.

Friday 25 May, 2007

Wednesday is a funny word. Why doesn’t somebody take out the extra d? I’ve had that thought in my head for two days now.

I emailed peter today to see if wanted to meet for lunch but he said he was going for lunch with wendy already. I don’t see why we couldn’t all eat lunch together.

Thursday 24 May, 2007

Today I felt so silly, I completely forgot that there is a country called Canada, and it is such a big country too! Luckily I emailed Julie about it first or I would have looked really silly.

Hello Julie,

There are people who want to enter the competition but they live in Canada. I looked in my A-Z but only found Canada Water. Is this the same place?
Can people enter the quiz if they live in places that aren’t London? Is that a lot of places? If it is then we should seriously consider.



Hi June,

You silly thing. There is life outside the jubilee line you know! I think that Canadians and other subjects of our Majesty the Queen should be allowed in… Who knwos, they might even fly to Swindon for the special launch event. Imagine the publicity!


Julie x


Hello Julie,

I’ll think about what you said about the jubilee line, I’ve not been many places outside of London. Maybe I should go to Canada, is it easy to fly somewhere? Have you ever flown somewhere? How many different places have the same Majesty the Queen as we do here? It’s good that they can all play. Can people in places that have a different Majesty the Queen play too?

june x


Hi June,

Maybe now’s the time to expand your horizons. I’ve heard that Swindon is very charming this time of year…

In answer to your query, it can be difficult to fly places. What with baggage handler strikes and eco-guilt you’re probably best off staying put.

I think that we can afford to be generous: even people from places which don’t share our Majesty the Queen (Canada, Australia, the Falklands… to name just a few places) can probably play too. What are you working on at the minute? And what’s the take-up for the competition like?


Julie x

Wednesday 23 May, 2007

Jasper phoned up Julie today, he is very excited about the competition too (although Julie says nobody can be quite as excited as I am) he has even made up a special question which will be added to the Ffordian Next questions. It is really tricky because the answer isn’t in any of the books anywhere!

Today I spent nearly all the day photocopying memos and making sure they got sent to the right people, this can be difficult because sometimes they say slightly different things in them. This didn’t happen today though, today there were just lots.

competition website
Tuesday 8 May, 2007

Julie and Janet went to meet with the people who will be making the game today. I was manning the phones and email in their absence, there were lots of calls about meetings that will be happening that Janet should go to but nothing very unusual. I wrote all the meetings down in her diary and drew circles around the ones that already had things marked down for the same time slots.

When they came back they told me about how the competition would be on a website and there would be one set of questions for people who know lots about Thursday Next already and one set of questions for people who don’t know about the stories yet. That way everyone get to play the game. I said that I think this is a very nice idea.

Janet said I should look after all the things that will be needed to set up the competition. This is very important.