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First day!
Monday 16 April, 2007

Today was my first day in the Publicity Office. I will be working to help Julie and her boss, Janet. I was going to be shown the ropes by the current Junior Designate, but she was ill today. So Julie gave me the task of ‘sifting the slush pile’ to ease me in to things. The slush pile is not a pile or made of slush. It is a lot of manuscripts from people who sent their manuscripts in to be published. The manuscripts were in envelopes in several large cardboard storage boxes under a desk. Julie showed me how to print out the letter that gets sent to anyone who sends in a manuscript and how to put it all together in an envelope and where the post room is so it can be sent back.

I asked if we send all the manuscripts back, how do we know what to print in the books. Julie said that we only publish books written by people who we invite to write for us. The manuscripts in the slush pile are all from people who were not invited because they mostly aren’t very good at writing. She said that my job today was to read the manuscripts and see if there were any good writers in the slush pile too, if I found any good stories I was to put them in a pile on the desk so she could read them and decide if they were good enough to be invited to write for us too.

I didn’t find any good stories today.


Placement confirmed!
Sunday 15 April, 2007

I have been assigned to the publicity department. Nobody else is going to go there with me as they only need one junior at a time. We have been told to work very hard but not to ask the workers in the department too many questions as this will annoy them and distract them from their important work. If we have questions we should contact our mentor who will help us.

I am excited about finally starting work in a new department, although I wish I could go and work in the accounts department with peter and wendy. peter says he will send me emails.

Friday 13 April, 2007

I passed my exam! So did peter and wendy and almost everyone else. I think only four juniors do not pass, they looked very sad because now they have to leave. : (

We all got a letter handed to us with our names written on the front, this is what my letter has written on it:

Dear June Haversham,

You are to aid with the smooth running of your office or department to which you have been assigned. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal from the Junior Designates Programme. If you have a question about the nature of your work, ask your mentor. If you have a question about the activity of your work, ask your supervisor or co-workers.

Do not ask your co-workers too many questions as this will impede them completing their own work. This may lead to you being responsible for stopping the smooth running of your office or department.

Your placement will last 3 months, after which your work will be assessed as to whether or not you should graduate to internship level within your designated department.

Congratulations and good luck!

and there was a signature, but I can’t type that!

still the weekend
Saturday 7 April, 2007

Lunch came! The sandwiches I got were chicken and sweetcorn and also ham salad. I ate the chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches very quickly, so quickly in fact that I finished them before the sandwiches delivery man left the room. He said I must be starving and gave me two more packets of ham salad sandwiches. I realise now that I haven’t eaten since I started work. It must have been nerves at coming to a new place. How silly of me!

Saturday 7 April, 2007

Today is Saturday and there is no work today. We met in the lobby and had a briefing about what we were to do over the weekend to prepare for coming week. At the end the mentor asked if there were any questions and a junior named wendy asked where we would get lunch from on the weekend.
The mentor said it would be brought to us at 2pm. I asked what lunch was, and she answered sandwiches.

I am going to practice typing and making spreadsheets so I can be good enough to work for the accounts dept.

Early bird
Friday 6 April, 2007

I woke earlier than usual today. I went down to the Juniors’ accommodation garage underneath the building to get on the bus. Because I had woken up earlier, I had done everything I usually do in the morning earlier as well, and so I had arrived before the bus or anyone else had arrived.

The bus arrived before the other Juniors arrived and so I got on the bus and was alone except for the driver of the bus. He said good morning and that I was an early bird. I said good morning and told him that I am not a bird although I am early today. He was wearing a black shirt and so I asked him where he got his black shirt from. He said it was from Primark. I said I hadn’t heard of Primark and that I would like a red shirt one day. He said that there is a Primark near to the Juniors’ accommodation and they would definitely sell red shirts. Then the other Juniors arrived, so I sat down and peter sat next to me. I told him I was going to get a red shirt from Primark. He did not get his shirt from Primark because he found it in his room down the side of the bed.

At work we had to watch another educational film about working in the building, which is called a publishing house. The film showed us the different departments that we will eventually be working in. I want to work in the accounts department as it sounded the most interesting.

Initial training almost complete
Thursday 5 April, 2007

I woke this morning at the same time as is usual. Whilst we traveled to work, I noticed that one of the other Juniors was wearing a blue shirt. I noticed two of the others discussing this shirt on the other side of the bus. I spent the rest of the journey deciding whether it was an attractive shirt or not.

We arrived in the office all at the same time. We were told that our initial orientation training was almost complete and that we would be divided into groups for our next stage of specialised training.

As my mentor had given me no indication that I may speak to her today, I decided to ask some of the other Juniors about the unpleasant sensation in the middle of my body. Of the ten I spoke to, three had noticed the same occurrence in themselves, two had experienced it at first but said it had not increased in intensity and five said they had not experienced the sensation at all.
I do not know what to make of these findings.

I sat next to the Junior with the blue shirt on the journey back to the Juniors’ accommodation. His name is peter. I decided I liked his blue shirt.

further occurrences
Wednesday 4 April, 2007

Today I went to work. I traveled in a vehicle with the other Juniors from the Juniors’ accommodation. We went into the building and sat in the training room. We waited for our mentors to tell us the new information we were to learn for the day. The mentors did not arrive together. We watched an educational video about the company we will be working for.
I started to tell my mentor about what happened to me the previous day, but she interrupted my dialogue and informed me that this wasn’t the time or the place for chattering on and that I should speak only after other people indicate that it is expected.

I have developed an unpleasant sensation in the middle of my body. This sensation has increased since yesterday and even since this morning.

More occurrences
Tuesday 3 April, 2007

I am writing about the things that happened today before right now. I woke in the morning. I travelled to the building. I spoke with my mentor. She asked me what I had been doing the previous night. I told her. She said it was a good thing that I have started to write down the things that happen. She said this will help me. She said it is cathartic to exorcise the inner monologue. She laughed after she said this. She did not return to the room. I watched an educational film about working in the building. I travelled to the Juniors’ accommodation. I sat in my room. I wrote this report. After I finish writing, I will go to sleep.

Writing down occurences.
Monday 2 April, 2007

I am writing on a computer. This is the text that I am writing. I have put all these words on here in this order. I will now stop writing.