weekend again : )

We had sandwiches again for lunch, but they were delivered by a different man than the last time, I got tuna and cucumber this time. I like tuna.

I decided that today I would go and buy myself the red shirt from the nearby Primark the bus driver had told me about. I can’t remember the last time I’d decided to go and do something for myself, I have been so intent on working hard for this placement!
After I finished eating lunch, I left my room and walked down the corridor towards the lift. I pressed the button, but the lift took a very long time to arrive, so I walked to the other end of the corridor where there is a stair case that goes either up or down. I went down one flight of stairs but it was so silent and empty that I felt a bit scared and like I wasn’t supposed to be on that staircase. Nobody had said that it isn’t allowed, but I still felt as though I was behaving badly just by being there. I got as far down as the doors to the next landing before I felt too frightened and ran back to my room! It sounds very silly now that I write it down.


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