First day!

Today was my first day in the Publicity Office. I will be working to help Julie and her boss, Janet. I was going to be shown the ropes by the current Junior Designate, but she was ill today. So Julie gave me the task of ‘sifting the slush pile’ to ease me in to things. The slush pile is not a pile or made of slush. It is a lot of manuscripts from people who sent their manuscripts in to be published. The manuscripts were in envelopes in several large cardboard storage boxes under a desk. Julie showed me how to print out the letter that gets sent to anyone who sends in a manuscript and how to put it all together in an envelope and where the post room is so it can be sent back.

I asked if we send all the manuscripts back, how do we know what to print in the books. Julie said that we only publish books written by people who we invite to write for us. The manuscripts in the slush pile are all from people who were not invited because they mostly aren’t very good at writing. She said that my job today was to read the manuscripts and see if there were any good writers in the slush pile too, if I found any good stories I was to put them in a pile on the desk so she could read them and decide if they were good enough to be invited to write for us too.

I didn’t find any good stories today.


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