Early bird

I woke earlier than usual today. I went down to the Juniors’ accommodation garage underneath the building to get on the bus. Because I had woken up earlier, I had done everything I usually do in the morning earlier as well, and so I had arrived before the bus or anyone else had arrived.

The bus arrived before the other Juniors arrived and so I got on the bus and was alone except for the driver of the bus. He said good morning and that I was an early bird. I said good morning and told him that I am not a bird although I am early today. He was wearing a black shirt and so I asked him where he got his black shirt from. He said it was from Primark. I said I hadn’t heard of Primark and that I would like a red shirt one day. He said that there is a Primark near to the Juniors’ accommodation and they would definitely sell red shirts. Then the other Juniors arrived, so I sat down and peter sat next to me. I told him I was going to get a red shirt from Primark. He did not get his shirt from Primark because he found it in his room down the side of the bed.

At work we had to watch another educational film about working in the building, which is called a publishing house. The film showed us the different departments that we will eventually be working in. I want to work in the accounts department as it sounded the most interesting.


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